Portfolio 2

  • Stunning Monti

    Stunning Monti

    This beautiful multicoloured Montipora coral is an example of what can be kept in our aquaria. They need good water…

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  • Robbie’s tank

    Robbie’s tank

    This large 6000l tank has a full reef-face all the way along the approximately 5m length. It has a large…

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  • Yellow tang closeup

    Yellow tang closeup

    Another of the marine Aquaria most bright and ubiquitus fish, this tang's startling yellow colouration makes it a very desirable…

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  • Guy’s Mixed tank

    Guy’s Mixed tank

    This tank has an unusual mix of Soft corals, LPS and SPS corals, in addition to a large variety of…

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  • Aquarium vista

    Aquarium vista

    A shot of Rob's tank. A big tank with a profusion of fish and corals, growing under a skylight, thus…

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  • Maroon clown in anemone

    Maroon clown in anemone

    One of the most iconic symbiotic relationships in nature occurs very naturally in a marine aquarium.

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  • Fish in the reef

    Fish in the reef

    Reef fish are able to be so brightly coloured because of their fantastic hiding places in the branches of the…

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  • Angelo’s tank

    Angelo’s tank

    A Fantastic tank between the entrance hall and the dining room, this tank has a curve on both sides. Being…

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