Portfolio 3

  • Stunning Monti

    Stunning Monti

    This beautiful multicoloured Montipora coral is an example of what can be kept in our aquaria. They need good water…

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  • Robbie’s tank

    Robbie’s tank

    This large 6000l tank has a full reef-face all the way along the approximately 5m length. It has a large…

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  • Yellow tang closeup

    Yellow tang closeup

    Another of the marine Aquaria most bright and ubiquitus fish, this tang's startling yellow colouration makes it a very desirable…

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  • Guy’s Mixed tank

    Guy’s Mixed tank

    This tank has an unusual mix of Soft corals, LPS and SPS corals, in addition to a large variety of…

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  • Aquarium vista

    Aquarium vista

    A shot of Rob's tank. A big tank with a profusion of fish and corals, growing under a skylight, thus…

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  • Maroon clown in anemone

    Maroon clown in anemone

    One of the most iconic symbiotic relationships in nature occurs very naturally in a marine aquarium.

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  • Fish in the reef

    Fish in the reef

    Reef fish are able to be so brightly coloured because of their fantastic hiding places in the branches of the…

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  • Angelo’s tank

    Angelo’s tank

    A Fantastic tank between the entrance hall and the dining room, this tank has a curve on both sides. Being…

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  • Beautiful Evansi Anthias on the reef.

    Beautiful Evansi Anthias on the reef.

    These beautiful schooling fish are wonderful addition to the larger aquarium. They need regular feeding and prefer to be a…

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  • Harlequin Filefish

    Harlequin Filefish

    This amazing fish is not readily found on our tanks as it is an obligate coral eater. It's food source…

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  • Mike’s Tank

    Mike’s Tank

    This tank has replaced a dividing wall in the home of this client. The tank is now a focal point…

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  • Curved 5000l System

    Curved 5000l System

    This tank is in the home of Rob, the owner of Fish Focus. It is a focal point of the…

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  • Early South African SPS tank

    Early South African SPS tank

    This tank was one of the first SPS dominated tanks in SA. Previous to this only leather corals and a…

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